Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-03, страница 10

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-03, страница 10


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Cutting instructions

Cut all the wood pieces to size according to the Bill of Materials and sand as needed. Using spray adhesive, adhere the patterns to the appropriate stock. Bore blade entry holes in the waste areas, as well as where indicated on the bottom piece for attaching the music movement and key. Make all cuts, remove the paper patterns, and sand where necessary. Round over the upper edges of both the top and bottom pieces either by sanding or by using a router table and 1/4" roundover bit.

Assembly instructions

Assemble by first attaching the front and back aprons into position on the underside of the bottom piece (see the Assembly Drawing). Next, attach the side aprons. Attach the front and back into position on the upper side of the bottom piece, then attach the sides.

Secure the lid underlay onto the underside of the lid with wood glue.

Finish as desired and attach the music box movement. Note: as an option, you can add a contrasting background of wood, Plexiglas, paper, cloth, or any other appropriate material, behind the fretwork.

Assembly Drawing

tabs on the bottom aprons into the slots in the bottom piece

Attach the lid underlay to the underside of the top with wood

Insert the tabs of the front anc back pieces into the slots in the bottom piece

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For ox er. lW years music boxes. haw f-tscinaidd and enchanted millions of people the world Antoiiife Favre.. a watchmaker fkttn C&neva,'

SaitreM'Jfoix. sphere the tradition lives on to this day. The most ^p^Kand vve4<J t^Owf&d m<mPfiteUiK.r iiroff) ttaj, area ts iteute iPlf|ie5 vd^cfr prt>-;

Unfortunately, these wcjl-know" Swiss movements are very expensive and generally out of price range-for most .-woodworkers. In response. ire>v manufacturers l.tdye hegiiiVproduction ql'fimsieal nwYemenis ;rt alfottlabie prices, witK<|iKi!ity tliai js camjwahle to S.xyiss pHhemcnits. ; :''.

-.The 50 note music movement pictured here is one of these top-rjuatiiy rnid ;i!Torda!ile choices fuch 50 note movement offers tv\(.beautiful melodic times ft)!- your listetiiitu etiioyimu. Tlie i^erry. Basket offers the ;b!k>\ving' .tune selections.: #.A3()7i-. f.siraVniertteamf Wr>u! Beneaii My.\Vings and #A30S - When You Wish Upon a Sutr and Over the Rainbow. Each movemein is available for SI37,50 plus S&H. to order, please contact The Biny73a.fh'i. 3 3 3..33. ' .•,.-. 3/- "t33ttr3-'3;'3: :-3:33 3i ■}:■ 333,3:

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