Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-06, страница 12

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-06, страница 12

Make this tribute to NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt from Hobby Redd.

Scroll this Sleigh from Kick Longabaugh!

Creative Woodworks 8. Crafts June'2001


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"We Tip Our Hats to Our Friends From The North"

This issue features several great projects from Canadian designers as well as an article about the Woodstock Wood Show by Wes Demarest (see page 60). For the last two years I have had the • pleasure of attending litis show, held annually in Ontario, and have found our northern neighbors to lie very enthusiastic woodworkers. While spending time at Bob Ford's booth, it is not unusual to jmeet entire families who spend their spare time .scrolling together, ll is quite gratifying to observe these folks as they sort through back issues of Creative Woodworks and Crafts, as well as the numerous patterns w hich Ford Enterprises offers for sale, excitedly searching for just the right pro-' ject. Although very deliberate shoppers, the people we meet in Canada, young and old alike, are -serious woodcraftcrs.

This show is not only fun to go to. but like many of . the scroll saw shows and picnics in the States, it has proved to be a valuable resource tor finding new designers. It was at the 1999 Woodstock show that we first met Denise Robillard and Brian Vollmershausen. T on page 50 of our June 2000 issue prompted a . requests for their original design, Tub Adventure, which they were shown holding. During this recent visit, we became better acquainted with this talented couple and j even booked a few projects from them (including Tub Adventure, which will appear in a future issue), and Brian's T'awn pattern can be found on page 18 of this ; edition.

Perhaps foremost on Canada's impressive list ofintar-sia designers is a long-lime friend of this magazine. Garnet Hall. Garnet's designs have an almost universal appeal and his humorous way with instructions makes his articles

a joy to read. When we decided to do an issue showcasing Editor George Ahlers (right) a tour several Canadian designers, I called Garnet and asked him of t|,ejr basement workshop during to send us something special, and boy did he ever. a recent visit to Woodstock. Garnet's Dancing Loon is both a beautiful and challenging Ontario Canada,

project. It can be found on page 46.

1 hope you enjoy tltis issue. Until next lime, all (he lies! and happy woodcralting!

A small selection of the many beautiful scrolled pieces completed by Brian and Denise.

Brian Vollmershausen (left) and Denise Robillard (center) gave Creative Woodworks and Crafts

Coming Next Issue!"

l)on"t iniss the next issue of Creative Woodworks and Crafts'. On sale June 5, 2001

Five Robins Clock from Steve Ripski!

Candles are hot! Scroll this charming Candle Holder from Marilyn C'arniin!

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