Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-11, страница 44

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-11, страница 44

Step 7. Referring to Drawing No. 5, lay out the locations for the candle cup holes. Once the centers have been established, drill 1/16"-Dia. x 5/8" deep pilot holes in each to help properly align the point of the Forstner bit. With the drill press and 1 -5/8"-Dia. Forstner bit, bore five holes 5/8" deep to receive the tea candles as shown. Note: the point of the Forstner bit may penetrate through the lid; that is acceptable for this design. Step 8. Lightly sand all pieces with 150 grit sandpaper. Step 9. Apply finish of choice to the box, lid, and base.

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Step 4. With the table saw, cut 3/16" wide x 1/4" deep dadoes in the side and end pieces (see Drawing No. 3). Normally, table saw blades are 1/8" thick; after the first kerf is made in each piece, adjust the fence another 1/16" away from the blade to achieve a dado of the desired width.

0ado to

receive the Side bottom

Drawing No, 5 Candle Cup Locations


Step 5. With a table saw, miter the sides and ends for joining the box. Step 6. Using white glue, join the sides and ends of the box, capturing the bottom piece in the dadoes (see Drawing No. 4). Note: do not glue the bottom piece in place; it should "float" in the dadoes.


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—4-— ;










Side (C)

Bore 1 x 5/8" top)

-5/8 dee

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Top view of lid

Drawing No. 3 Side and End Dado Detail

Drawing No. 4 Exploded View

1-5/8"-Dia. x 5/8" deep hole to receive the tea candle (typ)


45° miter on the sides and

Lid (A)


Bore a 1/10' pilot hole on each ce

-D S/8'

nte •



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