Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-11, страница 79

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-11, страница 79

Notcii which receives we Front'Back (A)

Full Size Patterns Swan

from page 34,

Full Size Patterns Holiday Candle Carousel from page 14.

Side (H) make two 'A" x 4-A" x 5--Y.:

Base (<5) make one YT x 5-//' x 10-%'

Cashed line indicates placement of Turntable (0).

Drill for No. 1& x %

Cut slots for Sides (H), Adjust, if necessary, for thickness of material used.

Dashed line indicates placement of Foot (J) on bottom of Base (G). Secure with glue and finishing nails.


Weight is a sry important factor in getting your carous I to turn properly. The following conditions ill produce the best results; » Using a % gas welding rod ♦ Using 2" t- 3" high candles » Placing a ,"op of oil inside the acorn nut

Top view of Fan Assembly

Candleholder (I) make four Ye" x x

Tenon fits into the Bas<; (G)


Flowers A

Cul 1/16" Slot in dowel to hoid Fan (N).-

Attach candle cup of choice with glue or silicone.

Diagram of pivot point and rod

Upper Roof (D) make two V" x 2-f-r x 6"

Drill %"-Dia, and use a %"-D\s. gas welding rod.

Sharpened gas welding rod slightly rounded on end.

Chimney (B) make one 1" x 1" x 2"

Front view

Side view

Fan pieces (N) make ten V,-" x 2-/" x A-%

Sideview Base (G)

Mary (M) make one %" x Z'/" x 3-%"

Adjust slots, if necessary, for thickness of material used.

Roof Trim (F) make four A" x 3-*" x 9-'A'

bafy Jesus

make one

'/«" x 1-%" x 2-An"

Slots to join the Upper Roof to the Front/Back (A)

Lower Roof E) make two 1 x 2-F x Z-%'

Flowers B

Dashed lines indicate placement of dowel to hoid Fan (N) in Fan Support (C).

Adjust slots if necessary, for thickness of'material used.

Drill for

iT-Pia. x ?.-r-long dowels to hold Fans (N)

Slots t? join the Low :r Roof to the F *ont/Back (A)

Foot (J) make four %" x 1" x 2-A'

Top view


Joseph (L) make one x 2-A" x 4-'A'

Tenon to

receive the

Upper Roof (typ) '

Fold on dashed line Rear view

Holiday Candle Carousel Assembly Drawing

Fan Support (Cj make one %" x Z-'A" x 2-V"

Foot Instructions

!. Attach pattern will) reposilionable spray.

2. Cul out rear shape

3. Cut out the top shape

4. Atlaeh Foot with glue and finishing naifs or silicone

Rod, Bushing]

Turntable (0) make one ■%" x 5-'A" x 5-/V

Front/Back (A) make two 'A" x &-'A-" x &-'/:

Secure in place with glue or silicone.

Tenon to receive the Lower Roof (typ)

Drill %"-Dia. for gas welding rod.


Oashed line indicates placement of Roof Trim (F) Attach with finishing nails and glue or silicone.

Full Size Pattern Moon Mouse from page 10.

Candle Cup

Fit this notch

onto the Side Piece (H)

Fit this notch

onto the Side Piece (H)

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