Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-03, страница 68

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-03, страница 68

• Cuts almost anything

• Available in 3 versatile models

• Packed with exclusive features

• Makes woodworking more creative and fun

• Precision engineered for performance, safety, and durability

The Hawk Precision Scroll Saw makes you feel great about your woodworking...and others envy your skill. If you can draw a line, you can follow it with the Hawk. Like that you're creating the kind of projects you've dreamed of. Trace any kind of pattern and scroll it out. It's that simple.

Whether you're a new or experienced woodworker... a hobbyist or pro...the Hawk Precision Scroll Saw makes it fast, easy, and fun to produce hundreds of projects.

The vibration free performance and the ability to cut in hardwoods up to 1 5/8" make the Hawk the best choice in a scroll saw. Send today for your free, no obligation fact kit about this amazing tool.

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