Popular Woodworking 2000-01 № 112, страница 18

Popular Woodworking 2000-01 № 112, страница 18


New Tools

of 1999

Before you spend another dollar on new tools, check out

our list of the greatest stuff to hit the stores this year.

very year we journey to the National Hardware Show in Chicago where tool manufacturers introduce their best and newest products to wholesale buyers and the media. Part of the show is the "New Products Exposition." This special area is tended by a raft of security guards who prevent over-eager attendees from touching or photographing the thousands of new products on display behind the kind of ropes that separate the stars from the fans at the Academy Awards.

We find all this fuss amusing because in most cases these tools aren't new to us. In many cases we've been using these tools for some time. That's because we work all year long to find the best new woodworking tools and report on them to you. We visit tool manufacturers' plants, evaluate tool prototypes, follow up rumors about new tools, and we bring them into our shop here at the magazine and use them to build furniture.

The result is this list: The Best New Tools of 1999. Each of these tools was tested in our shop and is exceptional because of its raw performance or because it is an amazing value. All these tools are highly recommended by our staff.

One final note, there are a handful of new tools that weren't available to test at press time, such as DeWalt's new contractor saw. You can look forward to reviews of these tools in upcoming issues as soon as we can get our hands on them. PW

by David Thiel, Christopher Schwarz and the PW staff






Bench Dog






Ridgid Fein Makita Franklin

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