Popular Woodworking 2000-01 № 112, страница 9

Popular Woodworking 2000-01 № 112, страница 9

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Tool Report

Every year we take a close look at several types of tools to arm you with the information you need to make wise buying decisions in the store.We tell you what features are critical (such as the amperage and RPMs in a router) and which aren't (such as the amperage in jigsaws). Then we give you a complete list of the tools that are on the market today, their street prices and their features. It's the only smart way to buy a tool.This year we examine cabinet saws, biscuit joiners, dust collectors, cordless drills and 14"" band saws.

Pennsylvania Stepback

This Colonial classic will put your cabinetmaking skills to the test. Contributing editor Glen Huey shows you how to build this traditional cupboard using traditional joints and modern tools.

LimbertWaste Box

Arts & Crafts enthusiasts will appreciate this authentic replica of Limbert's #255 waste paper box— it's the perfect complement to a modern Craftsman home.

Four Ways to Build aTavernTable

Learn to build this well-proportioned piece using several types of joints, everything from traditional mortise and tenon to corner brack-ets.You'll also get the skinny on some of the basic design principles you absolutely must follow when building any kind of table.

Pro Tools vs. DIY Tools

Have you ever been shopping for a new tool and wondered why you can buy one jigsaw for $39 and another for $159 that are made by the same manufacturer? What's the difference between the two tools? We go inside the tool to show you how bushings, bearings and other technical stuff increases the price of a tool, and its accuracy and reliability.

Handmade Hardware

Visit a traditional blacksmith's shop where cabinet hardware is made using the same methods used in Colonial America. PW

14 Popular Woodworking January 2000

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