Popular Woodworking 2001-08 № 123, страница 2

Popular Woodworking 2001-08 № 123, страница 2


tools & techniques

12 Forstner-Fueled Dovetail Pins



Quickly clean out the waste in dovetail pins using your drill press and a Forstner bit. Also, tips on using a strip sander to sharpen; learn the basics to air-drying lumber in your back yard. By Scott Phillips

16 Veritas # 4 '/2 Smoothing Plane


Veritas' new smoothing plane ain't like your grandfather's Stanley. Here's the real question: Is this hand plane worth the extra money you'd pay over a vintage smoother from the flea market? Also: Finally! Someone made a corded drill with a clutch. Thanks Craftsman.

18 Accuset's Brad Nailer and Micro pinner


Senco's Accuset tools are the sleekest nailers you'll ever hold. What's better, they hold up under years of heavy use. We've abused Accuset's 2" brad nailer and 23-gauge Micro pinner for more than two years and share the results with you.

19 MakeYour Own Router Plane and Beader


A router plane will cut a hinge mortise in the same time it takes to plug in your router and chuck up a straight bit. Nick Engler's homemade router plane is made from four parts and works better than commercial models. Also, make a hand beader that cuts details on cabinets that no router would dare. By Nick Engler

28 Mortiser Slug-fest

Caution: Buying a mortiser can be tricky. You've got to know which features are critical on these machines or the only holes you'll make will be in your wallet. We made hundreds of mortises with all the machines on the market, and our test results surprised even us.

36 A New Manual for Mortisers

Even if you buy the perfect mortiser, you've got to set it up correctly and use it properly. Learn the all-important tricks that are the difference between making slick-fitting mortises and scorched, ragged holes.

52 Turning's Fab Five

Most turning can be accomplished with just five basic tools. Learn the tricks behind these five tools as you make a candle holder in just an afternoon. Plus we offer a great deal on turning tools from Woodcraft, a special offer for Popular Woodworking readers. By Scott Phillips

74 Rubbing for a 'Perfect' Finish


Achieving a high-style finish is within the grasp of home woodworkers. Bob Flexner shows you two ways to transform a cobby finish into one that's beautifully smooth. By Bob Flexner

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