Popular Woodworking 2001-10 № 124, страница 25

Popular Woodworking 2001-10 № 124, страница 25

table is easy to use and moves smoothly. We recommend a rack-and-pin-ion system whenever available.

A few words about radial drill presses. By having the drill press head mounted on a sliding post, the throat capacity can reach a maximum of 18", almost twice that of many standard floor models. The adjustable head also allows the press to be used at a number of different angles, adding a variety of applications. Though we've heard deflection concerns with the radial design, our testing hasn't

shown any significant problem. We would suggest, though, you make sure the bit is square to the table after rotating the head. Though a little fussier to deal with, a radial drill press can significantly increase your tool's capacity without a lot more expense.

Some available attachments to increase your drill press' abilities include: a drum sander (to use the machine as a spindle sander); or a mortising attachment, which won't be as efficient as a dedicated mortiser, but it'll cost only about $75. PW



for drill presses

• Post to quill capacity is the most important feature.

• Decide between a floor or benchtop model based on your available space and the capacity you need.

• The easier it is to change the quill speed, the better.

• How easy is it to move and adjust the table? How easy is it to mount a sub-table?

• It might sound like a throwaway feature, but a good light mounted on the machine helps a lot.

occasional user

• Grizzly G7945, Grizzly Industrial got its start selling drill presses, and it's hard to beat them on value. This benchtop radial press has impressive stats and a great price.

• Grizzly G7946, The floor model radial machine costs just a few dollars more and, like its little brother, will occasionally save your bacon when you have a tricky hole to make.

• Grizzly G7943, If space is a concern and you don't need the capacity of a radial press, check out this small but heavy unit.

serious home woodworker

• Grizzly G7944, It's almost impossible to find a new 14" drill press for this price anywhere but at Grizzly. A good machine at an incredible price.

• Delta 17-965, This 161/2" unit is well made and is found in many pro shops. The price is competitive, too.

advanced woodworker or professional user

• Grizzly G7948, This monster 20" drill press has a table-saw-sized motor on back and an enormous table. For this price, you just cannot beat it anywhere.

These tools have been tested or used by

the editors of Popular Woodworking

and have earned their recommendation.

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