Popular Woodworking 2001-10 № 124, страница 42

Popular Woodworking 2001-10 № 124, страница 42



detents, make life a lot easier. When you buy a compound miter saw, it will tilt right at least 45°. Some better saws also tilt to the left. Make sure it's easy to lock and unlock the bevel and that there's a stop at 0°.

Motor is Mostly a Non-issue

We have yet to run into a universal motor on a miter saw that was significantly underpowered. Some are particularly noisy, and some make it easy to change the brushes. But other than that, don't be too concerned about the amperage or horsepower. The longevity of the motor is important, of course, but also is impossible to judge in the store. When in doubt, stick with a name you trust.

You Need a Carbide Blade

Some entry-level saws come equipped with high-speed steel blades. These are OK for framing a house, but not for framing a picture. If the saw doesn't come with a carbide blade, factor in how much you're going to have

to spend to buy one. We recommend a crosscut blade with either a 0° or -5° hook to the teeth. This will make a cleaner cut.

Dust Collection or Dispersion

With a few exceptions, these tools seem designed to spray dust everywhere except in the dust bag. Hook yours to a portable vacuum.

Extras Add Up

Sometimes the details make one brand more favorable than another. Extension wings are useful, as is a movable accessory fence for crown moulding cuts. (Always move this out of the way when bevel cutting.) Also check out the handle you pull to make the cut. A horizontal handle is more comfortable than a vertical one. And does the tool have motor brushes that are easily accessible from the outside of the tool? That's a sign the tool is designed for long life. PW

occasional user

• Delta 36-225, A great beginner saw with enough power and features for most woodworking.

' Hitachi C10FC2 and CB, Another solid choice for beginners. Hitachi has an excellent reputation for making accurate miter saws.

1 Craftsman 24315, Uses a laser to help guide your cut that works quite well.

serious home woodworker

> Bosch 3912, This 12" tool is accurate, durable and is great for cutting crown moulding.

• DeWalt 705s, This is a favorite saw among trim carpenters, but it's also a great choice for woodworkers.

advanced woodworker or professional user

• Makita LS1013, We can't recommend this tool enough. It's won every award this magazine gives out and has earned a permanent place in our shop because it's tough and accurate.

• Hitachi C8FB2, Among trim carpenters, this is considered the saw to beat. We really like it, but the smaller blade is an occasional annoyance when you want to cut thicker stuff.

These tools have been tested or used by

the editors of Popular Woodworking

and have earned their recommendation.

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