Popular Woodworking 2002-02 № 126, страница 13

Popular Woodworking 2002-02 № 126, страница 13

fully up position. There is no need to lower the blade to the work. Because of this, even though the blade must be spinning to make the laser function, it is still covered by the guard. Again, if you still need to lower the blade to the work and aren't comfortable relying on the laser, then please choose another saw that won't provide an incentive to unsafe shop practices. Thanks for keeping safety in our minds.

— David Thiel, senior editor

Where Do I Find Glaze for the Morris Chair Project?

I recently read your article on building a Morris chair (June 2000, issue #115) and would like to find out more information on Lilly's warm brown glaze. If you could provide me with a website address, phone number or a company that sells it, it would be most appreciated.

David Smith Ocean City, New Jersey

Editor's note: We've had more than 100 requests from people looking to find a good source for Lilly's glaze. The fastest way is to check with your local paint store, especially one that caters to professional painters. If that doesn't work, I recommend you go to woodfinishingsupplies.com. PW — Christopher Schwarz, senior editor


In our article on cryogenics in the December 2001 issue, we inadvertently left out one of the labs that you can send your tooling to. Performance Cryogenics has offices in Cleveland, Ga., and Mooresville, N.C.You can reach the company by calling 877-219-3556 or at www.percryo.com.

In our special Outdoor Furniture issue, which was available only on the newsstands, there are two corrections to the Outdoor Morris chair article. The four rear leg pieces should be 201/8" long instead of 21".Also, in the drawing labeled "profile," the front leg dimension is called out at 2V4". It should be 23/4", as stated in the cutting list.

In the Tractor-Trailer Toy Box (December 2001, #125), there is a correction to the drawing labeled "Trailer box assembly plan."The hole for the hitch platform dowel should be 1V8" instead of 1/8".

In our 2002 Tool Buying Guide (#124), the key to the chart on page 80 was inadvertently omitted. DB=dust bag, DC=dust canister,VP=vacuum port, OPT=optional.

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