Popular Woodworking 2002-10 № 130, страница 2

Popular Woodworking 2002-10 № 130, страница 2

woodworking tool buying guide 2003


8 Panel-cutting Sled

Crosscutting wide panels is child's play with this inexpensive and easy-to-make jig. Best of all, it's quick to adjust should your jig ever go out of alignment.

14 Shop-made Router Guides

Before you spend one dollar on commercial router jigs, read this: With some inexpensive acrylic you can make a system of precise router subbas-es that will cut circles, plow grooves and dados - even trim wooden plugs flush to your project. By Michel Theriault

22 Blast Gate for a Shop Vacuum

Take a handful of shop scraps and a couple screws to produce the accessory every shop vacuum should have: a blast gate that connects two machines and can easily direct suction to one or the other. By Jack Bowley

28 Ultimate Miter Saw Stand

Years ago we published plans for this miter saw stand and we've practically sold out of the back issues. So we've brought back this versatile, portable and compact fixture.

36 Drill Press Table

After we first published plans for this project years ago, commercial drill press tables became all the rage. Ours is as good (or better) than the store-bought ones and much less expensive.


40 12-volt Drills

44 Band Saws

50 Biscuit Joiners

52 Block Planes

53 Chisels

54 Drill Presses 58 Dust Collectors 62 Jigsaws

64 Jointers

68 Mortisers

72 Miter Saws

76 Mobile Bases

78 Sanders

80 Table Saws

90 Thickness Planers

98 Routers

104 Source Guide

2 Popular Woodworking October 2002

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