Popular Woodworking 2003-04 № 133, страница 4

Popular Woodworking 2003-04 № 133, страница 4


52 Gustav Stickley Magazine Cabinet

Reproduce a Stickley classic using plans developed from a vintage original. Subtle tapers and gentle curves lighten the look of this simple and useful bookshelf.

60 Heirloom Photo Album

A special board (scraps, probably) and some hardware are all you need to make photo album covers worthy of your best memories. You'll take scrapbooking to a whole new level.

64 Classic Wardrobe

The best way to build a big cabinet is to avoid building a big cabinet. Instead, you should build smaller ones and attach them using waist moulding. Here's how. By Troy Sexton

74 Colonial Chimney Cupboard

The perfect cabinet for those small nooks and crannies of your house. If you can sacrifice a few square feet of floor, you'll get a tower of storage for china or books. By Glen Huey

80 Four Joints for Box Making

Blanket chests are great projects for beginners because they're a lesson in the fundamentals of box building. We present four ways to build a traditional and a contemporary blanket chest.

Built for magazines or books, this small storage tower looked

awful in the Stickley

catalog. We reproduced the original in all its glory and found out that it's well-designed and easy-to-build.

Cover photo by Al Parrish


8 Out on a Limb

A Great Time for Home Woodworking

10 Letters

Mail from readers

14 Q & A

We answer readers' most difficult questions

91 Caption the Cartoon

Win a Makita drill

92 Flexner on Finishing

Colors to Dye For

96 Out of the


Plane Night by Craig Bentzley

4 1 Popular Woodworking

April 2003

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