Popular Woodworking 2003-08 № 135, страница 70

Popular Woodworking 2003-08 № 135, страница 70


Tool Chest

Store your smaller tools in style with a tool chest that's surprisingly simple to build.

Most woodworkers have dozens of tools that are small, such as screwdrivers, files, chisels, pliers, dividers and compasses. All these can be stored in shallow drawers, which is where this chest comes into the picture.

The design for the chest came from two inspirations. One was a Craftsman-style bookcase plan. The sides and top are shaped like the bookcase, and the chest is made of quartersawn white oak. The other inspiration came from multi-drawer chests that were made years ago to store sheet music.

This chest was assembled with butt joints and screws. I countersunk the screws and plugged the holes with ^s" redheart plugs. The drawer pulls also are redheart, which I cut using a 1/2" plug cutter.

by Jim Stack

Excerpted from "Building the Perfect Tool Chest" copyright

2003 by Jim Stack. Used with permission of Popular Woodworking Books, an imprint of F&W Publications Inc.

Visit your local bookseller, call 800-448-0915 or visit the Bookstore atpopularwoodworking.com to obtain your copy.

The first step is to cut the sides 3/s" narrower than the finished dimension. Then cut the V4" x V411 dados for the drawers. Glue a 3/s" x 3/4" strip to the back of each side. This strip covers where the dados exit the sides, creating a stopped dado.

Now draw the top arc on each of the sides.Trammel points mounted on a stick are great for drawing arcs.A little trial and error is involved here unless you can figure the radius using math. I try connecting the dots, moving the pencil up or down the stick until I find the radius that works. If you don't have trammel points, drive a nail through a stick at one end.This is your fixed point. Use a small clamp or rubber band to hold a pencil anywhere you need along the length of the stick to draw your arc.

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