Popular Woodworking 2005-02 № 146, страница 6

Popular Woodworking 2005-02 № 146, страница 6


Gustav Stickley's celebrated #700 bookcase is one of the high points of his brief collaboration with Harvey Ellis. Our version is the real-deal - right down to the ammonia-fumed finish.

Cover photo by Al Parrish


8 Out on a Limb

Not-so-big Shops and a Silver Jubilee

10 Letters

Mail from readers

104 Out of the


Protecting Tools from Kids by Sam Stickle


40 Frame & Panel Dresser

Mastering one traditional building technique enables you to easily build a beautiful, early American masterpiece. by Troy Sexton

49 Customize Your Table Saw


Learn to soup up your existing table saw or customize your new one with accessories. In return, you'll have a safer, more accurate and easier-to-use machine. Plus, a shop-made saw sled. by Nick Engler

57 The WoodRat

Vogue in Britain, we review this multipurpose jig, cut some perfect dovetails and wonder why it's not more popular here.

60 Your First

Hand-cut Dovetails

Master dovetailer Lonnie Bird takes you by the hand on the path to cutting perfect dovetails. The essential secret is simple: Saw a straight line. by Lonnie Bird

66 Harvey Ellis Bookcase

We recreate the classic glass-front bookcase from Harvey Ellis and Gustav Stickley, and show you step-by-step how you can, too. Plus, learn to finish with ammonia fuming safely.

74 Resurrecting Chisels

Rusty and abused chisels abound at flea markets, garage sales and auctions. Learn how to properly restore them - it's easier than you think. by Paul Anthony

80 "Real" Planers

Serious woodworkers need a 15" planer. We put eight through a series of demanding tests to find the best ones for all your planing needs.

86 Build a Sailor Girl On Your Own

A visit to a sailboat-making class at The Home Shop, operated by John Wilson, proves that a boat can be easily built with readily available materials in a matter of days, not months or years. by John Wilson

4 1 Popular Woodworking

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