Popular Woodworking 2005-04 № 147, страница 31

Popular Woodworking 2005-04 № 147, страница 31

Veritas Straightedges

No matter what sort of woodworking you do, you need a quality straightedge. Power-tool woodworkers need them for setting up machines. Hand-tool woodworkers need them for knifing in joint lines. All woodworkers need them to determine if joints are true.

Now Veritas makes straightedges that are as accurate as the expensive machinist versions (.001" in steel and .003" in aluminum) but are 13 percent to 50 percent cheaper.

Buy the aluminum version (available in 24", 38" and 50" lengths) if you're only going to check machine setups and furniture assemblies. Get the steel version if you also need the tool for layout work with a knife. Both versions are hefty, well-made and accurate (we checked both against two other reference surfaces). I also liked the convenient hole for hanging the tool - straightedges will go out of true when stored improperly. This is the deal of the year in my book.

— Christopher Schwarz For more information, circle #171 on Free Information Card.


Veritas Straightedges

Street price: $19.50 in aluminum (24");

$36.50 in steel Dim. (aluminum): 7/i6" x W x 24" Dim. (steel): V4" x 1V2" x 24" Performance: ••••• Price range: $

Lee Valley Tools: 800-871-8158 or leevalley.com


Disc/Spindle Sander

The combination of an oscillating spindle sander with a 12" disc sander makes a lot more sense than the usually seen belt and disc combination. Here are two tools that you will really use. Both functions share a single 1-hp motor and stand. The spindle moves up and down at 60 strokes per minute and is ideal for smoothing concave curves. Four different sizes of spindles are included, along with appropriate table inserts, and all of these have built-in storage slots on the base.

Our test model ran smoothly, was free of vibration, and had an effective dust collection port for each sander. Our only complaint was with the table mounting trunnions on our test model. Neither of the adjustable tables would stay locked in position under moderate downward force. The manufacturer has addressed this issue, and says the trunnion mounts on current models are more substantial.

— Robert W. Lang For more information, circle #172 on Free Information Card.


Grizzly G0529 Spindle Sander

Street price: $450

Motor: 1 HP, 110V, TEFC Motor

Tables: Both tables tilt to 45°

Performance: •••oo

Price range: $$$

Grizzly Industrial: 800-523-4777 or grizzly.com


"The Master Techniques of Marquetry" by Silas Kopf is an opportunity to look over the shoulder of a recognized master of his craft as he explains what he is doing and why he is doing it a certain way.

Kopf begins with the historic background of various forms of inlay and marquetry work, and the tools and techniques used to produce them. He also covers traditional methods, points out when it makes sense to follow them and when to use a more modern technique.

Kopf starts with basic materials and techniques, and visually explains the differences between inlay, marquetry, parquetry and boulle work. Along the way he discusses cutting and assembling geometric patterns, working with wood and metal together, and several methods of cutting and assembling different styles of work.

This nicely produced DVD always has the viewer in the right place to see the fine points. Like any good reference, it will be viewed many times. If you have any interest at all in this type of work, then a copy of "The Master Techniques of Marquetry" belongs on your shelf. The DVD is available for $25 + $3 shipping from Silas Kopf, 20 Stearns Court, Northampton, MA 01060. Visit silaskopf.com for more information.



Performance is rated on a one-to-five scale. You won't see a low rating ("one or two") because we don't publicize inferior tools. "Five" indicates the leader in the category. Five dollar signs indicates highest price in the category. Three indicates an average price. If you have tool questions, call me at 513531-2690 ext. 1255, or e-mail me at david. thiel@fwpubs.com. Or visit our web site at popwood.com to sign up for our free e-mail newsletter.

—David Thiel, senior editor



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