Popular Woodworking 2005-06 № 148, страница 24

Popular Woodworking 2005-06 № 148, страница 24

Tricks of the Trade

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Protecting Saw Teeth

The teeth of your handsaws - whether they're Western or Japanese-style saws - are quite delicate. A bit of rough handling or even jostling in a toolbox can bend or break them. The simplest solution to protect the teeth of your saws is to use the long plastic clips that come with inexpensive report binders sold at office-supply stores. At about 11" long, one of them is perfect for most joinery saws. Two of them will protect the teeth of most full-size handsaws. Cut them to length with scissors and slide them on the tool. If you like, you can slip a couple of rubber bands over the saw blade to hold the binder strip in place.

Christopher Schwarz Executive Editor

Binder strip fits over blade

Cut binder strip to length with scissors

Lipstick Traces At the Door

Of all the woodworking tools and supplies I've swiped from my wife's makeup kit, lipstick is among the most useful. I keep a stick of it in my toolbox for marking lock mortise locations in door jambs. After installing a lockset in a door and nailing the door stop in place, I wipe the lipstick (I prefer "Midnight Passion") across the end of the bolt. I retract the bolt, close the door, and let the bolt kiss the door jamb to indicate the best placement for the bolt mortise and striker plate.

Paul Anthony Riegelsville, Pennsylvania


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