Popular Woodworking 2005-11 № 151, страница 89

Popular Woodworking 2005-11 № 151, страница 89



from the Las Vegas



Once a year the woodworking tool manufacturers roll out their newest and brightest offerings for the press and the public. This year's showcase event was the Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers' (AWFS) show in Las Vegas.

We had the chance to look at some great tools and machinery, and even kick the tires on a few of them. Unfortunately not all of these tools and accessories are ready for market yet, so we (and you) will have to wait a little longer to find out how they perform in a shop.

In fact, sometimes a tool will briefly pop up its head at one of these shows and then disappear to be redesigned, so if all these tools aren't available by the end of the year, that's sometimes the reason why.

But we can share our excitement about a few of the most impressive tools and machines that were on display this year. Hope this whets your tool-buying appetite! — David Thiel, senior editor

Despite Rising Materials Costs, Grizzly Claws Down its Prices

We spend a fair amount of time explaining to readers how it's possible for Grizzly Industrial (800-523-4777 or grizzly.com) to sell quality machines at a low price. It's cutting out the middle man and working closely with the manufacturer. But many woodworkers still don't believe the machines can be quality because of the affordable pricing. Now Grizzly's making it harder to convince everyone by cutting prices yet again.

What's most remarkable about this latest move from Grizzly is that it comes when many manufacturers have been squeezed by increases in the cost of raw materials (steel and iron) and rising energy costs. Somehow, Grizzly has managed to keep many prices steady and even introduce new machines at enviable price s. All should be available now, except for the lathe. (Look for it in January 2006.)

• 10" x 84" Spiral Cutterhead Jointer (G0480) - 3-horsepower motor, top-mount switch, four-knife cutterhead and handwheels for $1,895.

• 8" x 75" Jointer (G0586) - 2-hp motor, top-mount switch, four-knife cutterhead and hand wheels for $625.

• 6" x 46" Mobile Jointer (G0452) - 1-hp motor, pedestal-mounted switch, three-knife

cutterhead and an integral mobile base for just $325.

• 15" Mobile Planer (G0453) -3-hp, under-mount motor, cast-iron infeed and outfeed tables, integral mobile base and two speed feeds (16 and 30 fpm) for $750.

• Heavy-Duty Wood Lathe (G0456) - 2-hp electronic variable-speed motor with digi

tal readout, 43" between centers and a 20" swing over the bed, built-in 12" disc sander for $1,395.

• 14" Industrial Band Saw (G0457) - 2-hp motor, cast-iron wheels, 10" resaw capacity, steel storage cabinet and dual-height resaw fence for $795. — DT


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