Popular Woodworking 2009-06 № 176, страница 4

Popular Woodworking 2009-06 № 176, страница 4

• JUNE 2009 -Online

New This Month

We've just launched our new online store. Woodworker's BookShop. You gel free

shipping on

any order of . more than $25. Everyday discounts on the best woodworking hooks ami videos. Deep discounts on sdect items. An additional 10 percent off all futureorders after you spend $100. And more! woodwotkersbonkshop-com

Dueling Router Tables

This issue's "l<g Journal" (page 74) features Senior Editor Robert W. lang'» efficient and easy-to buikl router uMc but if you need a table with storage, check out Popular Woodworking Books Editor |im Stack's new-and-improved router table on our web ute. popularwoodwork>ng.coriV|un09

On the Blogs A Visit to Roy Underbill's

Editor Christopher Schwarz traveled lo Pittiboro, N.C., tovMt with Roy Underbill and write about Roy's new WoodwTtght'S Scboo. Read a preview story about the school, and aboul Chris's failed attempt at foot power, ori the Woodworking M/guhe Nog. popuUtwoodworkingc<>mljunU'J


Enter and You Could Win a jet 14" Band Saw

IheIWB-12 DXPRO 14* cast iron band saw from Jet feature* a beefy, innovative frame that provides 12'ofresaw capacity right out of the box- no riser block needed! * This «w earned a 2008 Best New Tool Award from Popubt Wooduwbnft - and .

it could be yours just Ij fcK amvsrring a few |



And More!

Visit poputorv>oodworking.conVjur>09 to find a complete Inl of all Iheonline revxirc for this issue - including videos, additional drawings and photos.


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Video Gallery Smashing Handplanes

After testing the new planes from overseas (page SGi, Editor Christopher V hsvar/ wanted to find out what they were made of. So he took a hammer to several tools, and w* caught it aB on video (warning -not for the faint of heart.).


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