Popular Woodworking 2009-08 № 177, страница 67

Popular Woodworking 2009-08 № 177, страница 67





Old-School Woodshop Accessories

Chris Ciecson

Most of the 24 j igs, fixtures, and storage projects featured are relatively down-and'dirty shop aids that are quick and inexpensive to cobble together. Featured projects were taken from The Dekagram, a slick newsletter first published during rhe Depression to help Delta customers get more from their equipment. 128 p. pb. Popular Woodworking. $24-99 Item #Z0815 Your Price: SI9.99

figs & Fixtures for the Table Saw ft Router

Woodworker's journal Editors With 26 ingenious jigs fixture projects, you can harness the power of your tools while showing off your craftsmanship, Some of them can take a bit of rime to build, but that investment is quickly recouped by increased accuracy and efficiency. 152 p. pb. Fox Chapel. $17.95

Item #z1772 Your Price: $14,35

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Router Tips, Jigs & Techniques

IV.xj:' Magazine Editors You'll get a complete introduction to the router—from commonsense instruction ui how to climb-cut to making jigs to scoop out contoured chair seats. You'll also learn how to make raised-pane I doors, cut a variety of useful joints and add decorative bow tie inlays ro your projects. 186 p. pb. Sterling. $19.95 Item #80917 Your Price: SI 5.95

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The Complete Illustrated Guide to Routers

Lonnie Bird

You'll get plenty of sound instruction on choosing routers and accessories, picking the best bits for the job and putting these little wonders to use in your wtxvlworking endeavors. This is a book that should definitely be on your shop's bookshelf. 233 p. pb. Taunton. $24.95

Item #Z0892 Sale Price: S14.95

Maximize Your Router Skills with Ken Burton

You won't unleash the full potential of this shop workhorse by reading your owner's manual. For that, you'll need the higher education this book offers. It includes eight tastefully designed projects that will help you develop essential router skills. There are plenty of great woodworking tips and tricks shown Throughout. 128 p. pb w/ DVD. Popular Woodworking. $26.99 Item #Z0031 Your Price: S21.99

Quick and Easy Jigs and Fixtures

Kerry Pierce

Learn how to construct 16 of the most effective jigs for your shop including □ tenon jig, two band saw jigs, three jigs for your drill press and jigs that hold your work in place. Each jig includes a handmade construction drawing of the project. 128 p. pb. Popular Woodworking. $24.99 Item #70661 Sale Price: S14.99

Bill Hylton's Ultimate Guide to the Router Table

Hylton shows you how to put this shop workhorse through its paces, performing everything from shaping moldings and crafting heautiful frame-and-panel cabinet doors ro cutting precision joints including splines, dadoes, rabbets, box joints, sliding dovetails, glue joints, and many others. 128 p. pb. Popular Woodworking. $24.99 Item #Z0595 Your Price: SI9.99

Cutting-Edge Router Tips & Tricks

lim Stack

You'll see how to make your router do amazing operations using just a handful of bits and some simple shopmade jigs. Circles, arcs and ellipses are all easily routed using the jigs in this book. You'll also get plans for Stack's router table thai compiles many of the best features without any of the useless gadgetry. 128 p. pb. Popular Woodworking. $24.99 Item #70649 Your Price: SI9.99


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