Popular Woodworking 2009-12 № 180, страница 24

Popular Woodworking 2009-12 № 180, страница 24

Makita DF330DW Milwaukee 2410-22 RidgidR82008

The Makita DF330DW places in the middle of the pack in both girth (55/8") and in the drill-head-length measurement at 71/2". It is noticeably top heavy and tips forward when set down. As a result, Makita's drill-driver will not stand upright.

The purchase price of the Makita drill-driver pushed it into the top half of all the drills in the test at $134.

The DF330DW scraped the bottom of the tested tools in holes drilled with just four, but rebounded a bit when driving lag screws - 411/2 lags were driven on a single 1.3 amp hour battery that was fully charged.

Temperature testing came after the hole drilling phase and Makita's drill-driver reached higher-than-average recordings. The motor temperature reached a test-high 116° and the battery temperature hit a sweltering 168°, the highest in the test by 30°.

The most curious feature that stands out on this tool is why engineers selected a 50-minute battery charger to accompany this tool. It's the longest recharge time and makes the possibility of downtime while waiting for a battery to recharge a distinct possibility.

The Makita DF330DW is a good choice if you have an occasional need for a drill-driver of this size. But you'll have to move on if you're looking for a standout 12-volt, 3/8" drill-driver.

Battery replacement cost is $40.

The Milwaukee drill-driver is the standout tool in this test. It's a stout tool that fits comfortably into larger hands - the girth size is tied for the largest at 61/4" and the drill-head length is 71/2".

The $149 purchase price is tops in the test as well, but in this case the outlay of funds is justified.

The 2410-22 has the highest torque rating and the highest, high-end rpm rating in the group. It is the leader in both test categories with eight holes drilled and 491/2 lag screws driven, each on a single 1.4 amp-hour battery charge.

After the eight holes were complete, the tool temperature came in tied for lowest at 105° and the battery temperature was a respectable, although not the lowest in the test, at 138°.

The Milwaukee 2410-22 is also the only drill-driver tested to include a fuel-gauge indicator light and the LED shines upward to help light up the work area.

If pushed to come up with a downside to this drill-driver, I would have to comment on the size and weight of the tool. Small hands will find this drill-driver to be thick, but very usable. And there is a noticeable weight difference when compared to the other drill-drivers tested.

Bottom line: This drill-driver is at the top of the category and is well worth your investment dollars.

Replacement batteries are $39.

This drill-driver is available as part of a kit only. The kit includes the R82008 drill-driver, two 1.5 amp-hour batteries, a 30-minute charger and a flashlight that works off the same batteries. If you need the flashlight, there's extra value here.

The Ridgid R82008 drill-head-length measurement is the shortest in the test at 63/4". It also had one of the highest girth measurements in the group. But if you need to squeeze into a small work area, this might be your tool. It is very compact and thick not only at the grip area, but at the nose as well. The single latch to release the battery from the tool is located on the backside of the battery. You have to change your grip to make the switch.

The Ridgid R82008 came in just below average with five holes drilled and ranked second from the bottom in total number of lag screws driven at 241/2, which is surprising given its 240 inch-pounds of torque.

The R82008 registered a cool 105° reading on the motor, which is tied for the coolest motor temperature. It didn't fare quite so well in the battery temperature at 138°.

Overall, this is a good-working drill-driver, but I don't think the tool performed well enough in the test to reach a "buy" decision. Even with the added flashlight I don't think the kit is the choice to make.

Replacement batteries for the R82008 are available for $40.

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