68 - Our All-New Router Jig, страница 12

68 - Our All-New Router Jig, страница 12


L| or years, I've been making/^ mortiseVt% "olcb; that travels on a pair of drawer slides. By pulling the lever JL fashioned" way. I drill out the waste on a drill press: ai*m forward, the router bit is plunged into the work-

and then square up the ends with a chisel. And there's piece. Then you just slide the table back and forth to rout

nothing wrong witlvthis method. But if you have a lot of the mortise. The whole thing takes about 30 seconds,

mortises to make, itlpbally becomes a "boring" task (not To make it even easier to use. this mortising machine

to mention time-consuming) . Which.,% why I was so has several adjustment features. To fine-tune the position

excited the first time I tried out this mortising machine. of the mortise on the thickness of your workpiece, the

What makes this mortising machine so fantastic is the sliding table can be raised or lowered by turning a knob,

fact that it can create perfect mortises quickly and easily. And a couple of adjustable stops on the front of the

The way it works is simple. The workpiece is clamped to sliding table allow you to set the length of the mortise,

a sliding table, and the router is rpounted to a carriage For more on setting up the machine, see page 21.


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