68 - Our All-New Router Jig, страница 26

68 - Our All-New Router Jig, страница 26

Une thing that always comes in hancly jf being planed in the photo at right). And the lower

around the shop is an extra helper. ^ .. surface stores completed workpieces. The upper

Someone to carry parts around or just be "at \ " surface also works great as an assembly or fin-

the ready" whenever the need arises. ^ x \ ishing area (see photo at far right).

Unfortunately, not many of my friends ^ Regardless of the workout you give this cart:, want to hang around the shop waiting for me to when you're ready to "roll on" to the next task, you need them. That's what led to building the roll- won't have to worry about spilling a load of workaround shop cart shown above. Whether you're moving pieces. Thaf s because the cart rolls on large, heavy-duty parts around the shop or working with a number of casters that won't get hung up on extension cords, floor workpieces at one tool, you'll always have a "helper" cracks, wood chips, or debris.

who's ready, willing, and able to lend a hand. Storage - This roll-around cart also offers plenty of

Worksurfaces - One thing you'll notice is that the storage. A pair of drawers at the front of the cart and an

cart has two separate worksurfaces. The top holds work- open shelf at the back means you won't have to search

pieces that are ready to be worked on (like the lumber for often-used supplies. They'll always be close at hand.


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