68 - Our All-New Router Jig, страница 35

68 - Our All-New Router Jig, страница 35

Dial Indicator



Shop Cart

■ Dial indicators are an inexpensive way to bring machine-shop accuracy into your woodshop. For less than $20 you can measure to within a thousandth of an inch (0.001").

And to make your dial indicator work even better, you can add a magnetic base and a set of replaceable contact points. The margin at right details sources for both dial indicators and accessories.

■ There's not much hardware that goes into the shop cart. And you should be able to find most of it at a hardware store or home center. Or you can order similar hardware from the sources listed at right.

Casters - We used a pair of non-locking, swivel casters on the cart and a pair of locking swivel casters, as shown in the photo. What's unique about them is that the

locking mechanism prevents them from both rolling and swivelling.

Slides - To support a fully loaded drawer and reach items in the back, we used full-extension drawer slides (20" long).

Horizontal Mortising Machine

The horizontal mor-Jtising machine requires quite a bit of hardware, some of which you may not find at your local hardware store or home center.

To save you the hassle of tracking everything down, ShopNotes Project Supplies has put together a kit that contains all the hardware you'll need for building the project. All

you need to supply are the router, plywood, and the router table insert.

To order the kit, see the box below.

Horizontal Mortising Machine Kit


If you choose not to get the kit, we've listed several sources for some of the hard-to-find hardware in the margin at right

Router Table Insert -

The router table insert we used was a 9W x 11%" -

3/8"-thick phenolic plate

from Woodhaven (#147).

Aluminum - The aluminum bar stock is available at most home centers. But, the channel may be . harder to find. We ordered ours from an Ace Hardware store. You can use a different thickness of

channel so long as it fits over 3A" plywood.

Springs - To find the right springs, we looked at both the diameter of the wire (.063") as well as the length of the spring (25/s"). What you're looking for is a spring that's tight enough to hold the parts together but loose enough to be installed and adjusted easily. tL


To order back issues or a hardware kit from ShopNotes Project Supplies, please use our toll-free order line, see below. It's open Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time. Before calling, please have your VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card ready.

If you would prefer to mail in an order, please call the toll-free phone number below for more information concerning shipping charges as well as any applicable sales tax.



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Similar project-supplies may be ordered from the following companies:

Rockier 800-279-4441 rockler.com

Casters, Drawer Slides, Knobs, Router Bit Guard, Router Table Insert, T-Track, UHMW

Reid Tool 800-253-0421 reidtool.com

Aluminum, Casters, Contact Points, Dial Indicator. Dra wer Slides, Knobs, Springs

Lee Valley 800-871-8158 leevalley.com

Casters, Dial Indicator, Drawer Slides, Phenol ic, T-Track, UHMW

Woodsmith Store 800-835-5084

Dial Indicator; Drawer Slides, Knobs, Hold-Downs, T-Track

McMaster-Carr 630-833-0300 mcmaster.com

Casters, Contact Points, Dial Indicator, Drawer Slides, Phenolic, Springs

Woodcraft 800-225-1153 woodcraft.com

Drawer Slides, Knobs, Router Table Insert, T-Track, UHMW

Woodhaven 800-344-6657 woodhaven.com

Knobs, Phenolic, Router Bit Guard, Router Table Insert

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