69 - Bench Top Storage System, страница 35

69 - Bench Top Storage System, страница 35



Router Table Fence & Accessories

■ There isn't much hardware required for the router table fence on page 16.

T-Track - To add the accessories to the fence you'll need a piece of T-track. T-track isn't often available locally, so sources are listed in the margin.

Knobs - The only piece of hardware that might be difficult to find is the

knobs with built-in 5/ifi"T8 inserts. Sources for these knobs, as well as the through knobs, are listed in the margin.

Accessories - Instead of making a bit guard or featherboard, you can buy them from the sources in the margin. Because the sizes may vary, it's best to have them on hand before

Rust Prevention

■ If you have a garage or basement workshop, rust is a constant concern. Since you can't wrap your 1 tools up enough to keep the rust out, you'll have to deal with minimizing it and removing it.

The products mentioned in the cast iron article on page 32 go a long way toward winning the battle of rust. Each Sandflex block is made from a semi-flexible rubber with grit impregnated throughout the block. As you "erase"

away any rust, new particles are constantly being exposed — so it never clogs up. Sandflex blocks come in coarse, medium, and fine grits.

Once you have the rust removed, you can spray the surface with either TopCote or Boeshield T-9. Both products seal and protect the surface from rust while creating a smooth, slick surface.

Sources for the sanding blocks and the lubricants are listed in the margin.


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locating the T-track in the sliding faces of the fence.

Aluminum -The aluminum angle is available at most home centers and hardware stores. But if you're having trouble locating it, McMaster-Carr carries a variety of

aluminum angle products. Drill Bit-

Finally, for drilling the hole the fence for hooking up your dust hose, the margin sources carry large-diameter drill bits like the multi-spur bit shown above.

Small Parts Storage

■ About the only thing you'll need to complete the storage system on page 6 is a 2V8n-dia. bit to drill the holes in the inserts. The margin lists a few sources for large-diameter drill bits.

Metal Cases -One option for keeping small parts in place inside the drawers is to use watchmaker's cases (see photo). These glass-topped aluminum

containers come in five different sizes (IV4'1 diameter to 2V4"). They're available from Lee Valley. &


Similar project supplies may be ordered from the following companies:

Rockier 800-279-4441 www.rockler.com

Featherboards, Knobs, Router Bit Guard, T-Track

Reid Tool 800-253-0421 www.reidtool.com


McFeelys 800-443-7937 www.mcfeelys.com

Forstner & Multi-Spur Bits, Sandflex Blocks, TopCote

Lee Valley 800-871-8158 www.Ieevalley.com

Rare-Earth Magnets, Multi-Spur Bits, TtrpCote, T-Track, Watchmaker's

Woodsmith Store 800-835-5084

Dial Caliper, Knobs, Multi-Spur Bits, Sandflex Blocks, T-Track McMaster-Carr 630-833-0300 www.mcmaster.com Alum. Angle, Knobs, Lexan Woodcraft 800-225-1153 www.woodcraft.com Boeshield T-9, Dial Caliper, T-Track Woodhaven 800-344-6657 www.woodhaven.com Featherboards, Knobs, Router Bit Guard

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