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You can find the hardware you'll need to build the router fluting jig on page 36 at a local hardware store or home center. But you'll probably need to order a sheet of acrylic for the base plate. The V4"-.thir.k -flnutKSTErit xttaty-p .acrylic (86205) was ordered from United States Plastic. You'll find contact information in the margin.


Spiral cutterheads, like those shown in the article on page 12, are a great way to upgrade your jointer. The Sunhill and Byrd Shelix cutterheads came from Sunhill Machinery. I ordered the Woodtek Staggered Cutterhead from Woodiuorker's Supply.


Much of the hardware you'll need to build the table saw workcenter on page 16 can be found at your local hardware store or home improvement center. But there are a few items you'll need to order to be able to complete the project.

The corner levelers (31217) for the cabinet, spring hinges (28845) for the doors, and 16" Accuride drawer slides (32482) all came from Rockier.

The -V x 2" star knobs (DK-685) for the router table fence as well

as the drawer handles (DUH-50) were ordered from Reid Tool.

In order to complete the router table, you'll need a few other items. The phenolic rou ter plate (147) came from Woodhaven. And I picked up the dust collection port (715115) at .the .Wmdsmith JUme.-Asnutar .table dust collection port (35317) is also available from Rockier.

You'll also need a miter gauge track for the router table. The Rousseau (0048) miter gauge track came from the Mike's Tools.

To give the top of the workcenter a nice finished edge, you'll need to install some T-molding. I ordered the 1 Vz" black T-molding (#6) from T-Molding.com. You can find contact information in the margin at right.


You can find almost all of the materials needed to build the workbench on page 30 at your local hardware store or lumberyard. But the vise I used to complete the project is a 9" quick-release wood vise (22876) from Rockier.


A molding head and cutter set, like the one in the article on page 46, can add versatility to your table sa w. The one featured is a molding head and cutter set (34-813) made by Delta.

It includes a molding head, Allen wrench, and four sets of cutters. I ordered mine from Mike's Tools, but they're also available through Amazon.com and Woodworker's Supply. You'll find contact information in the margin.


The drawer pulls shown on page 28 are easy to make and can save you some money. But you might need a few pieces of hardware in order to mount them.

Screws and threaded inserts are available at hardware and woodworking stores. But when I'm not sure of the length of the screw I'll need, I use a segmented, breakaway screw (35535) from Rockier. The rib-type, press-in threaded inserts (5645) can be found at Woodhaven. The split-type threaded inserts are available at Woodworker's Supply.


Stropping can be a great final step to achieving a razor-sharp edge on your tools. But to do this you'll need to use a good strop.

You can find leather strops at many woodworking stores and hardware stores. The leather honing strop (22698) and the power strop (20703) shown on the opposite page came from Rockier. &

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Woodsmith Store 800-444-7527

Dust Collection Port

Rockier 800-279-4441 roekler.com

Corner Levelers, Drawer Pall Screws, Drawer Slides, Dust Collection Port, Spring Hinges, Slur Knobs. Stropping Supplies, Threaded Inserts, Wood VTse

Woodhaven 800 344-6657 woodhaven.com

Router Plates, Press-In Threaded Inserts

Reid Tool 800-253-0421 reidtool.com

Dratver Handles, Knobs

Mike's Tools 714-558-8360 mikestools.com

Delta Molding Head and Cutter Set, Rousseau Miter Gauge Thick

Woodworker's Supply 800-645-9292 woodworker.com

Delta Molding Head and Cutter Set, Woodtek Staggered Cutterhead

T-Molding.com 866-4225815 tmolding.com


U.S. Plastic Corp. 800-809-4217 usplastic.com

Acrylic Sheet


Delta Molding Head and Cutter Set

Sunhill Machinery 800-929-4321 sunhillmachinery.com

Sunhill and Byrd Shelix Spiral Cutterheads

Lee Valley 800-871-8158 leevalley.com

Quartz Radiant Heater



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