Woodworker's Journal 1993-17-6, страница 11




measure twice, cut once

Learn tiou to achieve j-mjd proportion, make snugjomts. anil get the right fit-even time Thi- cotnmonsense guide explains what cadi measuring loot does, how to use li, and how you can rjsilv make your own. You'll also find effective ways to measure ( with or without a rule), scale, draw and calculate #70201

Ri i.i il I'n, c _>l*H*5'p.iperbaek

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make your woodworking pay for itself

Why hot earn money from your favorite hohhy? This honk shows you how to turn your wiNnlworking projects into cash You'll lind not-so-obvious tips on where and how to sell your work. »1012J

Retail I'm. iWr<rr~papcrbac k discount price: £14.40

basic woodturning techniques

I lib easy-to-follow honk explains how to turn w ood- -every step of the w-,rv Detailed explanations on fundamental techniques, such as spindle and faceplate turning, and linishitig will have even beginners producing beautifully turned ptcces "70211

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the woodworkers sourcebook

Get the materials \ou need without leaving your home1 Charles Self's indis pellsihlr sourcebook contains mail order suppliers of materials ranging from books lo courses to associations, and more' Fach entrv lists an address and phone number Plus, each source is evaluated in terms of quality and price. rs7020H

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the good wood handbook

Learn useful tricks for identifying and selecting the right wood for every project—before you spend a penny 74 full color, individual photographs illustrate the common uses.characteristics, and woTkabditv ol hardwoods and softwoods. »7<>Ih2

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fabulous playhouse plans: simple & sophisticated hideaways for boys and girls

I his delightful book is brimming with the information you need to build a play house (or any age Whether buili indoors or oui. every plavltouse comes with clear building plans and hlai k and while, and color photographs. You II have hours of Inn helping your children build the perfect getaway' #70104

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blizzard s book of woodworking

This useful benclitop companion will help you improve your woodworking skills as you work through a w tde range ol projects Prom cofiee grinders to garden sheds, cleat , step-by step instructions. enbirgrd diagrams, and detailed cutting lists will show von what to do and how to do it #70163

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the pocket guide to wood finishes

Perfect for ihc workshop, this spiral bound, durably constructed book helps you mix and match stains and other wood finishes Al-a-glancr color cliarLs take the guesswork out of choosing finishes, and detailed techniques explain how to capture a variety ol appearances, bring out wood's natural be-auty. or disguise its dclects, B70IM

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