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6 Editor's Note

By Larry Stoiaken

Sometimes you just need to get away.

8 The Effective Workshop

By Chris Marshall

Set up you shop so it works right for you and your tools.

16 Adjustable Box Joint Jig

By Ralph Bagnall

20 The All-Purpose Shop Table

By Keith Hettinger

24 An Adjustable V-block Jig

By Dick Dorn

26 The Ultimate Sharpening Station

By Rick White

34 A Quick and Easy Band Saw Fence

By Dave Olson

36 Tilting Table for the Drill Press

By Jeff Greef

48 Shop-built Panel Saw

By Rob Johnstone

54 Build the Ultimate Fluting Jig

By Ralph Bagnall

58 Fire-retardant Finishing Cabinet

By David Larson

64 Building a Budget Workbench

By Rick White

72 Precision Crosscutting Jig

By Chris Inman

76 Craftsman's Toolbox

By Rick White

82 Shop Tricks

Some of the best tricks we've ever seen never make it out of the shop.

* Workshop Projects

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