Woodworker's Journal 2007-Winter, страница 24

One tool
A few attachments Thousands of projects

Everything you need to make your house like new in one great kit.The MultiMaster does things other power tools can't. Sand into corners and along edges. Undercut a door jamb. Plunge into baseboard...right through the nails. Remove grout. Scrape paint.

The RS Kit contains a MultiMaster 636-2 variable speed tool plus: • Sanding Pad • Universal E-Cut blade • HSS Segment Saw blade • Carbide Grout blade • Scraper blade • Carbide Rasp • Tool wrench, screws and washers • Plastic carrying case ♦ 10-pack assorted sandpaper, grits 60,80, 120, 180

For more information, a free brochure and to see the complete line of MultiMasters and accessories at a dealer near you call 1-800-441-9878 or visit us on the web at www.feinus.com.

Powered by innovation

1-800-966-3458 • www.gorillaglue.com

The Toughest

Tape On Planet Earth:

Extra Thick. Extra Stick.

New Gorilla Tape sticks to things ordinary tapes simply can't.

1-800-966-3458 • www.gorillatape.com


Workshop Projects

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