Woodworker's Journal 2007-Winter, страница 4


Workshop Projects and Techniques

Winter 2007

6 Editor's Note

By Larry Stoiaken

Shop-made accessories transform good tools into great ones.

8 Top Five Tools for Tooling Up

By Chris Marshall

Here's a shopping list you can count on.

14 A Traditional European Workbench

By Frank Klausz

26 Custom Router Table

By Rick White

34 Lathe Steady Rest

By Ron Mostel

36 Downdraft Sanding Box

By Rick White

48 Outfeed/Assembly Table

By John English

58 Adjustable Dado Jig

By Ralph Bagnall

60 Miter Saw Station

By John English

68 Jointing with a Router

By Carol Reed

74 Veneering Wide Panels

By Bruce Kieffer

76 Steam Bending Basics

By Peter Korn

78 Guidelines for Making a Table Top

By Tom Caspar and Tim Johnson

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