Woodworker's Journal 2007-Winter, страница 49



orking in a one-man shop can have its drawbacks. We all know what handling large sheets of plywood or MDF alone on a table saw is like: It's not only awkward, it can be dangerous. An outfeed table is essential, but it takes up a lot of room, especially in a small shop situation.

Most of us don't have a comfortable place to assemble large projects, either. Your workbench may be too high, while the floor is too low. This outfeed table unit solves both problems: it does double-duty as outfeed support for your table saw while also being a low assembly bench. Dual functionality makes it perfect for a small shop.

The outfeed/assembly table has a pair of extra-deep drawers for storing saw accessories such as push sticks, earplugs and table inserts. But our favorite feature is the blade storage caddy that includes a special space for a dado set. This portable caddy is a safe and convenient device for carrying blades to the sharpener's shop.

As an outfeed table, this dual-purpose project keeps large panels or long boards from tipping off the saw. Dropped down into an assembly station, it brings larger projects within easier reach and saves a lot of backache.

Winter 2007


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