Woodworker's Journal 2007-Winter, страница 54


Drawer Exploded View

Drawer Assembly

MATERIAL LIST - Drawer/Caddy

T x W x L

28 Drawer Knobs (2)

2" Dia.

29 Caddy Sides (2)

3/4" x 11" x 1034"

30 Caddy Bottom (1)

1/2" x 915A" x 19"

31 Caddy Front and Back (2)

3/4" x 11" x 1918"

32 Caddy Handle (1)

3/4" x 915A" x 10"

33 Handle Locking Pins (2)

238" x 1/4" Tie Pegs

34 Dado Blade Holder (1)

1/2" x 2" Carriage Bolt and Nut

With the same setup, create the rabbets on both ends of the caddy handle (piece 32). Now use the Elevation Drawing at the top of this page to create the cutout for the handle. It's simply an elongated slot formed by drilling a pair of 1/4"-diameter holes and connecting them with a pair of jigsaw cuts. This handle slips into the center groove and is held in place with two wooden locking pins (pieces 33). Removing the locking pins allows you to take the caddy out of the drawer (perhaps for a trip to the sharpener). Your dado blade mounts on the handle with a carriage bolt and nut (pieces 34).

Making the Pivot Arms

Making the pivot arms (pieces 15 and 16) the correct length is not really as complicated as it seems. The dimensions given in the Material List are for a saw that is 34" high, so adjust that measurement to suit your saw.


Workshop Projects

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