Woodworker's Journal 2007-Winter, страница 83



That's gotta hurt.

But you can prevent this kind of pain by sharpening your drill bits with Drill Doctor, The Drill Bit Sharpener. With Drill Doctor, you can restore most bits to precision sharp in less than 60 seconds. Working ; ^ sharp is working smart. Your bits will be sharp, and so will your projects. If you're looking for precise -results every time, work with the drill bit sharpening expert—Drill Doctor.



Fast and easy to operate

Sharpens most bits in less than 60 seconds

Work Smart Work Sharp

(Features apply to model XP shown)


• Sharpens 3/32"-1/2" bits-HSS, masonry, cobalt, carbide, TiN-coated

J Drill


The Drill Bit Sharpener

Look for the Drill Doctor at Sears, The Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, Northern Tool, and wherever you buy your tools.

1-888-MYDRILL (693-7455) • www.DrillDoctor.com

Sharpens and creates split-point bits for faster penetration and less drill bit "wandering"

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