Woodworker's Journal fall-2008, страница 8


Power Tools that Will Grow with You

The real value of power tools is how well they

continue to meet your needs. here's some tool-buying advice for both today and the long haul.

by chris marshall

Choosing a new power tool is a joy when you have the chance, but I wouldn't call it easy. All of us want good value in our purchases — high quality for reasonable dollars spent. That new table saw or planer you're eyeing better live up to its hype, because it's a big investment you'll continue to use for a long, long time. Then there's the matter of all the options. The market abounds with models at lots of pricepoints. Picking the right one is enough to stymie a woodworking editor, let alone a new-bie buying that first drill or sander.

After years of reviewing tools for the Journal, I still haven't found the tool-buying crystal ball that guarantees you'll find the perfect tools to fit your needs. But, pouring over and using hundreds of different tools has left me with some general impressions that may help ease your long-term buying decisions when those times come.

First, a little preliminary advice that probably won't surprise you. The "best" tool often isn't the biggest or most expensive. It's the one that gives you safe, accurate results, saves you time or effort and is comfortable to use. Pricing doesn't necessarily correlate with these three factors. You can do fine woodworking with moderately priced tools if they're made well. And, thankfully, the big tool makers we've come to know and trust are building quality tools at many pricepoints — not just at the top end.


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