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make the leap from d i y e r to woodworker!


ost woodworkers I know are active do-it-yourselfers — but the opposite isn't always true. Even so, the skills you've learned from projects like hanging doors, installing trim or framing a new deck aren't all that different from so called "pure" woodworking skills. That's why we put this special issue together... to help you complete the transition from DIYer to woodworker.

With just a few new tools and some skills you probably didn't know you already have, you'll be ready to build wonderful projects that might actually stay with you next time you move! To get you started, Special Projects Editor Chris Marshall rounded up seven of our best home-themed projects from the archives, including a stunning Bathroom Vanity (page 18), bullet-proof Torsion Box Shelves (page 48) and a clever way to wrap a cabinet around utility shelves (page 56). Bill Hylton will even teach you how to make six-panel doors on page 32.

And if you're feeling ready to take the plunge, check out our feature story on page 12. We've covered the top ten essential tools for every home woodworking shop. Long-time contributor Michael Dresdner concludes things with a guide for evaluating finishes that need a little first aid (page 70).

So, read up, and let's get a great home woodworking project started!

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Ian Kirby, an expert in torsion box construction, makes super-strong shelves on page 48.

Fall 2009


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