Танкомастер 1993-01, страница 9

Танкомастер 1993-01, страница 9

Большая статья о германских колесных БА еще впереди.

SdKfz.23 4/2. Puma 148

Есть схема раскраски ITALERI (50 р.)

SdKfz.234/4 7.5cm.Pak

. i

И7. Spw Sd Kfz 2.14/2 (Puma)

234/2 was armed with a 5 cm KvvK L'60 «un and a coaxial 7-92 mm MG. These were mounted in a totally enclosed oval-shaped turret with steeply sloping sides, giving a very good ballistic shape. Puma" ..s the most powerfully armed armoured car that me Germans had and was a very formidable weapon.


Р/. Spw Sd Kfz 234/4

This car owes its existence to a persona! order of Hitler's. The 234 body was modified to mount the 7-5 Рак L/48 and in this guise it was really more of an S.P. anti-tank weapon than an armoured car. The HV gun made this car a most formidable weapon.

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