Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-01, страница 18

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-01, страница 18

In ibe August 2000 issue of Creative Woodworks and Crafts, we met Dave Klimchuk and saw how lie has generously opened his workshop to children in his area, sharing his experience with kids six years and older. With Dave's guidance, the enthusiastic children are quickly mastering basic scroll saw skills. After creating a few simple projects, their confidcnce grows and they advance to bigger things. Recognizing this enthusiasm, Dave and the other members of his woodworking club, the Western New York Scrollers Association, decided to host a contest. Thus, the "Kids Woodcraft Contest 2000" was born and was held on May 20th. The contestants were divided into groups according to age (8-9, 10-12, and 13-16 years), then their projects were judged and awarded 1st, 2I1C', S10' place, Best Original Design and Honorable Mention. The guidelines for contest entries were kept open, the kids could choose any pattern or plan to follow or they could use their imaginations and invent a new one with their own ideas.

On May 201*1, ihe winners met at The Rockier Store in Akron,

by Wendy Ahlers

New York which is managed by Ed Jols. Mr. Jols lets the Western New York Scrollers Association meet at his store every month. Friends and relatives of the winners eagerly waited for the awards ceremony to begin. George Ahlers, editor of Creative Woodworks and Crafts, traveled to Akron to personally hand out the prizes. Generous donations were made by a number of businesses both locally and nationally for the children's prizes.

Along with all (he wonderful prizes, each child was awarded a trophy. Not just any trophy either—each one of the twelve trophies were custom designed and handmade by Dave and other members of his club. Several combinations of woods were used and each of the components were intricately scroll sawn and assembled. The columns were even custom designed and individually turned on a lathe. Each trophy was truly a woodworking masterpiece.

It was an exciting day for everyone involved. Events such as (his can encourage and inspire children for years to come. The best thing to spend on a child is your time. Being involved, offering encouragement, and sharing knowledge with the next generation goes a long way.

13-16 year old group with his version of the Warwick Accent Lamp from the June 2000 issue of Creative Woodworks and Crafts.

phy, his project, and George Ahlers) won for Best Original Design in the 10-12 year old group with his Corian Frog Letter Holder. For more on his award-winning project, turn to page 22 of this issue.

Creative Woodworks and Crafts editor George Ahlers, Rockier store manager Ed Jols, and contest sponsor Dave Klimchuk confer prior to presenting the awards.

In addition to many fabulous prizes, the members of the Western New York Scrollers Association provided these outstanding trophies.

Ed Jols with his son Justin. Justin took second place in the 10-12 year old group.

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