Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-06, страница 43

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-06, страница 43

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and receive the finest magazines in the hobby industry

10 issues $19.97

60% off cow price*

J"! Featuring at least 24 projects to- make in each issue. From crafting with recyclables, to painted arid' stenciled creations, to needleart and rubber stamping designs, plus fun projects to make with the kids.


;.....| Features the newest

designs from the masters of scroll sawing and wood-crafting. Easy to follow instructions with step-by-step photos and illustrations.

7 issues $17.47

S0% off cover price* rSfl^cS."issue is filled with ^ great projects yoo can com-' plete in a weekend.. Ideal for, ijutn^lwraikeB: to, the: begin ^! nmg decorative: painter. Step-by-stop color worksheets and detailed instructions. -

9 issues $19.97

63% off COVer pri^e: ■■ ';

□ For aspiring and accomplished painters. Each isstie features tpp/decorative: artis.ts teacHing-.the.latest techniques usingi the newest•. product?. Color worksheets and detailed instructions.'

6 issues $19.97 .50% cff.cpt/et- price*.. .r.::idszz.

r-I The ultimate knittirtg maga-zine featuring trend-setting, knitwear from the fashion run-way, "hot" homo decor items and "cool" new gifts, Complete instructions and 'timely features to both educate and inspire-

9 issues $19-97

$1% off cover price*

I Features the latest designs «J for sweaters, afghans, table-toppers, accessories, toys and holiday items. Complete

instructions, arid diagrams.

7 issues $17.47

50% off cover price* j~jj. Each issue brims With inh'o-"""" vative designs, quittmaking methods arid inspiration from award-winning quitters and teachers.: Full-size patterns, and -detailed instructions.

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Check here: U Knit'N Style l_J Creative Woodworks □ Craftworks Q Crochet Fantasy

Quick and Easy Painting Q Paintworks Q The Quilter Magazine


6 issues $19.97

7 issues $24.87 10 issues SI9.97 9 issues $19.97 7 issues $ 17.47 9 issues $19.97 7 issues $17.47


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