Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-11, страница 36

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-11, страница 36


Wood: butternut or hardwood of choice—one piece 1" x 8"x 10"

Tools: band or scroll saw; Nos. 3-12mm, 3-20mm, 5-20mm,

7-12mm, and 11-3mm gouges; No. 41-12mm V tool Graphite paper Stylus

Wood sealer Wood stain of choice Varnish of choice


by Ivan Whillock


Step 1. Trace the pattern onto the wood.

3G • Creative Woodworks 6. Crafts November 2001

Step 5. Lower the wood directly above the top of the vase so that the edge of the vase is higher than the stems and leaves. Leave the upper flowers the full thickness of the wood for now.

Outline the pattern with the V tool, carving only the

_______lines. Leave the inside stop cuts for later. Right now

you are just removing the background.

4. Make a stop cut at the upper edge of the vase, ire fits a No. 5-20mm gouge in my set of tools. Select .._ specific tool from your set that best matches the arc.) Be sure to lean the tool into the flowers so that you do not undercut the edge of the vase.

, remove the background the wood.

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