Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-04, страница 10

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-04, страница 10

Intarsiu Kititor Techniques Editor

Robert J. Hlavacek, St: Joe Herrmann

Pohlic Relations

Madelines. Cohen

Reader Service

Janice Webster (073) 383-80SQext.l02

Advertising Manager

l.ce Jaworski (973) 383-8080 ext. 114

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So far the response to the contest announced in the March 2002 issue has been very enthusiastic. Many people have contacted us asking for the cut off day for entries- all projects should be in our hands by May 31, 2002. Once again good luck and God Bless America!


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Publisher C;KQ

Jerry Cohen Darren S. Cohen

Yicc President of Circulalion & Marketing Murie-Claire Macdonald

Editorial Director

Robert Keeker

Kditor George Ahlers Associate Kditor _Kathy Babinski_

Special Projects Editor

W<ej Demurest Scrolling Editors Dirk Boeknan Marilyn Carmin Roy King Scon Kochendorfer Rick Longabaugh Karen Ismgabctligh John A. Kelson Raymond Wilckens Dan Wilckens Painting Editor Carving Editor

Sheila flcrgner /van Whillock

Art Director Kelly Albertson Assistant Art Director Kitnberly Hitsar Digital Imaging Technician Kathleen Nosti Graphic Designers Beverly lloti • Deborah MeiUnger • Kelly McMahott Photographer Demurest

Illustrator Webmaster

Robert ftorkowskt Natalie Rhinesmilh


Sarah Mathers- Weaver

Create this terrific Train, from Vernon Brown.

Scroll this handsome Pony Express wall hanging from Rick Longabaugh

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Scroll this Inch Car, from Bobby Redd.

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Published by All American (.'rafts. Inc. PRESIDENT


living Spielberg

Combine scrolling with joinery with the Skv Spirit's Treasure Box from Dirk Boelman.


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Craft this inspiring intarsia Liberty Bell, from Robert J. Hlavacek Sr.

IB • Creative Woodworks S. Crafts April S002

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Make this charming North Woods-Chalet birdhouse, from Roy King.

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