Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-08, страница 39

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-08, страница 39

hair masses. The hair is carved in three stages. The first step done here is to use a wide tool that gives you broad planes to indicate the general flow of the hair. Later, these planes will be refined with smaller tools.

around the flower masses.

so that the flowers stand out from the leaves. Carve the centers of the flowers. My No. 7-6mm gouge tits the shape. When making the stop cuts around the flower centers, be sure to slant the tool away from the center so that you do not undercut and break the center off.

masses into petals. Separate the leaves and carve veins into them. Notice that the leaves are lower on the sides to wrap around the head.

Step 24. This carving looks just fine with a clear finish. However, to create more contrast in the hair and the flowers, I sealed the bass-wood and applied a medium oak stain. It's important to apply a sealer, otherwise the stain will appear darker on the end grain, making the carving look splotchy, yj

Step 23. Carve the hair using a large uge, such as the No. ll-16mm, and then inside those cuts add smaller detail with the No. 11-3mm gouge. Bend all of your cuts so that ycu cre-a rhythmic flow to the hair. Avoid lines. Carve the detail of the and suggest the irises with a gouge that fits the circle, such as the No. 7-6mm.


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