Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-03, страница 59

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-03, страница 59

WE S' WORKSHOP NEW FEATURE! TREE PROFILE: Ailanthus, ailanthus altissima, "Tree of Heaven"

Ailanthus is found from iOntario south to Florida and [■west beyond ihe Mississippi River from Iowa to Texas, ilt was introduced to this •country from the Orient in 1751 by way of England. 11 •'is one of the fastest growing trees in its range, if not the fastest. It will grow in |excess of eight feet, in a season, and some stump Ksprouts have exceeded |twclve feel. Its crown is fairly distinctive, ^somewhat resembling eatal-£pa or walnut, but more |:erect. When in leaf, it also ^resembles walnut; the bark sjand twigs are different and also has a terminal leaf, swhereas walnut does not. liThe tree is easily identified ®?.n late summer and early |aulumti by its seed clusters turning red.

The bark is a dark brownish gray with shallow grooves. The tree will grow-to 100 feet in height and two feet or more in diameter. It grows in nearly any soil or atmospheric conditions, thriving in polluted areas better than most other plants.

pest tree by competing with domestic species, much to their detriment.

Because the tree grows so quickly, there is a lot of internal stress in the wood. When it is cut down, it begins to split almost immediately, especially if cut in the spring. This tree was in our yard for over a year before we milled it. As you can see, there is little left in the lower section of the log because of the splitting. The tree resists decay, but the wood discolors easily, and will get wormy if not milled within several days of felling. This is why you probably won't find it at your local sawmill, and definitely not in your local lumber yard.

The lumber is beautiful, with a grain and color similar to white ash, and working characteristics similar to chestnut, but has a nice iridescence to it. In order to get white boards with no stain, mill the log as soon after felling as possible, then stack and sticker it immediately and be sure to cover the top to prevent precipitation from soaking through. If left in contact with the ground, it will stain and get wormy very quickly.

We have used the wood in scroll saw projects and carvings with good success. It has a tendency to burn like maple or cherry, and must be thoroughly dried to 6% moisture content, and allowed to attain equilibrium moisture content (EMC). We have found that it is better to mill the boards thickcr, because they will twist and warp while drying and the extra thickness is needed to get a flat stable board after planing.

A 12" wide, flai sawn board will have seasonal change in width of 1/4". I'he wood works well with moderate dulling of tools, and glues and finishes with all popular products. Just be sure to drill pilot holes for any fasteners you plan on using.

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