Creative Woodworks & crafts 2004-04, страница 34

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2004-04, страница 34




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Tambour Clock

by Dan and Ray Wilckens

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Step 1. Copy the pattern, saving the original for later use.


Wood: see bill of materials Tools: scroll saw; drill press; very small drill bit (for start holes); 2-3/8" forstner drill bit (for clock movement); table saw: planer (for proper wood thickness); belt and handheld sander Spray adhesive Sandpaper, assorted grits Small file

X-acto knife and/or needle pick Various clamps of choice Wood glue Oil finish

2-3/8"-Dia. clock insert (2-3/8" hole required)

Step 2. Select wood to use. We chose to make our main pattern piece from 3/8" material and "he back piece from contrasting 3/8" wood. We made our upper and lower base pieces from contrasting 1 /2"-thick woods. Step 3. Plane wood to proper thickness.

Step 4. Cut wood to size of pattern. All straight-edged pieces should be cut to size on a table saw or equivalent for accurate dimensions and straight

edges. Cut all edges to be scroll sawn oversize.

Step 5. Attach the pattern to the vyood with a spray adhesive. It lakes practice to know the right amount: too much and the pattern is hard to remove; not enough and the pattern may come loose during sawing. When you attach the pattern, cut along the straight edges and place it on the straight edge of the wood you have cut.

Bill of

Part Description

Woods of choice A Main pattern piece

B Back piece

C Lower base

D Upper base


Size in Inches Quantity

3/8x5-1/2x14-1/4 1

3/8x5-1/2x14-1/4 1

1/2x3-1/2x17 1

1/2x3x15-3/4 I

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