Creative Woodworks & crafts 2004-04, страница 8

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2004-04, страница 8

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The photos (and instructions) shown below illustrate the making of Here's My Heart, one of the three mini clock patterns given in this issue. However, the techniques used for Here's My Heart are fully applicable to the other two mini clocks as well. All three clocks are made from two pieces of 1/4" stock. With all three clocks, the pattern is first applied to one piece of 1/4" stock, and then the clock opening and hole(s) in the base are cut out. With that in mind, let's begin...

Step 1. Apply the pattern to one piece of the 1/4" stock and drill blade entry holes in the clock opening and the two openings in the base only.

Step 2. Cut out these three openings only.

Step 3. Apply wood glue to the back of the piece, spread

ing it out evenly and keeping it from seeping into the openings. Clamp the piece to the second piece of 1/4" stock. Allow to dry at least one hour. Only two clamps are shown for clarity. Approximately six clamps are needed.

Step 4. Drill blade entry holes in the two frets at the top of the clock and cut them out. Then cut around the outside lines of the clock and the base.

Step 5. Using a 1/8" roundover bit, round over the top edge of the base. This step is optional. The sharp upper edge of the base can also be rounded over with sandpaper.

A Helpful Hint

Keep a container of baby wipes in your shop for removing glue or paint, etc. from your hands. They are always moist and ready to use! Some brands are pop-up like facial tissue, which is very convenient.

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