Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-01, страница 10

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-01, страница 10

From the editor's desk

Welcome to this issue of Creative Woodworks & Crafts! With Christmas around the corner, we've included twenty nifty ornament designs by Billie Holm as well as three cute Personalized Snowmen from Diana Thompson, all ideal for those last-minute holiday projects.

Looking for a project that will get some laughs? If so, check out John Polhemus: hammer. John first showed us this project at this year's "SAW Expo" show in Pennsylvania. From the moment he laid that hammer on our display table, one person after another picked it up to examine it, and all were surprised by its lightness; after all, it looks exactly like a "real" (steel-headed) hammer. Couple this with cutting a humorous slogan in the handle, ana you've really got a heck of a conversation piece. For example, a friend of mine, Nick, had been haggling with his boss about his vacation time, and when he saw John's hammer he immediately ordered one saying "Nick's Vacation Adjuster." Another person who plays piano requested one saying "Bcb's Piano Tuner." As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

This issue's cover features Kathy "Puddles" Meyer's Pintail Duck Intarsia. What's so interesting about this is that we "discovered" Kathy when she sent us photos of her work for our Reaaer's Gallery feature. Kathy is already busy working on another project for us, a handsome Wood Duck intarsia project.

In every issue we try to provide you, our readers, with a wide variety of high-quality projects. If you are not seeing certain kinds of designs that you'd really like to have featured in this publication, please let us know. We really appreciate your feedback. You can e-mail us at or write to us at our new address (we finally outgrew our building in Newton, NJ): Creative Woodworks & Crafts, 7 Waterloo Road, Stanhope, NJ 07874.

Have fun with this issue, and until the next one, all the best to you.


Robert A. Becker

A Few Highlights From Our Next Issue

by John Nelson and John Polhemus

The Boxer by Darin Liles

3 ass Pros ' ' by Shell! Robinson

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•:■;-■ •*'■■■• :yr::-,

Pegasus in Flight by Jacob and Wayne Fowler

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