Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-09, страница 49

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-09, страница 49


Cutting the backer board.

Tiif your saw table 20° and cut the backer board along the traced line, so the edge tapers outward from top to bottom. Because the cut edges of fhe backor board arc not treated with black aqua oil, they will match the chickadees and pocket parts, while contrasting with the surface of the backer board.

Cutting the mounting hole covers.

With the saw table still angled, cut the circles for the mounting hole covers, again tapering the edge outwerd from top to bottom.

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Patterns applied for cutting.

Apply the patterns for fhe chickcdees and pocket parts to the larger piece of mahogany so the grain of all the pieces runs from side to side. Whether to cut the exterior of the parts first or drill and make the interior cuts first is up to you. Separate the pieces for the sides, front, and bottom of the pocket by cutting along fhe dashed lines on the pattern. (DO NOT cut on the dashed-iined rectangles on the chickadees piece. Those lines are used for placement only.) Sand the back of the cut chickadees piece.

Drawing the pattern line for the backer board.

Finish sand fhe face of the backer board, then wipe on black aqua oil with a clean rag. When it is dry. center the chickadees piece on the backer board and glue in place. Make a pattern for the backer board by tracing around the chickadees piece using a circle template or a washer.

Circles on chickadees pattern for mounting hole covers.

There are two circles in one of the waste areas of the chickadees pattern. These will be covers for the mounting holes after the finished wall pocket is mounted to the wall. They will be bevel cut like the backer board, so set the piece with the two circles aside until the backer board is cut.

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