Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-11, страница 12

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-11, страница 12

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Here are two mini-heart clock designs for your true love. With the hourglcss clock, tell your loved one that you're counting the minutes until you can be together again, fhe heort and orrow dock lets her know that it poins you deeply to be apart.

Of course, if you've been married a long time, the hourglass clock implies that it's time to get away for a bit, while the heart and arrow clock, with its heart nailed through a pair of posts, says you know you aren't going anywhere!


For the hourglass clock:




Use the pattern transfer line and a square to draw a line down the side of the wood.

Note the line marked "transfer line" on the pattern. Loy the wood on its side, align a square to the transfer line and drow a line down the side of the wood.

Cut the solid pattern line on Bide A.

Drill I /8" blade access holes at the "X" marks on sides A and B. Cut out the inside of the hearts arid the clock insert hole. Starting at the "X" on side A, cut to the corner where the dashed hecrt line starts. Back up to the hole and back the blade into the kerf. Cut along the solid pattern line, stopping when you get to the dashed heart line on the other side.

Hourglass pattern applied to wood.

Apply the hourglass pattern to the wood using spray adhesive.

Location for drilling second pivot hole.

Use a No. 60 driil bit to drill a hole on side A for the pivot pin where indicated on the pattern. Turn the wood over, and drill the pivot pin hole on the other side. The kerf lines and the line drawn using the transfer line show where to driil. fhe pivot pin holes should go all the way through into the clock inserl hole.

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