Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-11, страница 13

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2005-11, страница 13

Installing a pivot pin in the yoke.

Remove the patterns and finish sand the pieces. Insert an 18-gauge nail into one of the pivot holes in the yoke, using pliers to hold the nail. Push and twist the nail through the hole until it's approximately 1/16" through. Repeat with the other nail and pivot hole.

Prilling the yoke pivot holes.

Apply the yoke pattern to the wood. Cut along the solid pattern lines, stopping at the dashed lines. As with the hourglass pattern, use the transfer line and the square to mark both side edges of the yoke. While using a square fo hold the yoke square to the drill press table, drill through the center of each side along the transferred line using a No. 60 drill bit.

Installing the hourglass within the yoke. Hold the hourglass within the yoke. Push and twist one nail through until it is approximately 1/4" into the clock insert hole. Repeal for the nail on the other side.

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Cut the base.

Hourglass cut and removed from waste material.

Return to the spot where you stopped cutting on side A and finish the cut. Cut side B to finish and remove the hourglass from the waste material.

Apply the pattern for the base to the wood, filt the saw table 20°. and cut the base so the edge tapers outward from top to bottom. In order to achieve a sharp corner at the top of the heart, rotate the wood 360° and continue cutting. If the left side of the table is tilted down, rotate the wood clockwise. If the right side of the table is tilted down, rotate the wood counterclockwise. (Experiment on some scrap wood first!) The point on the top side of the wood will be sharp, and a cone-shaped piece will be cut away on the bottom side of the wood.

fhe dashed box inside the base pattern indicates the placement of the yoke onto the base. Using a No. 60 drill bit, drill holes at the two small black dots in the corners of the box. The holes will be used to align the yoke to the base.

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