Popular Woodworking 2000-04 № 114, страница 49

Popular Woodworking 2000-04 № 114, страница 49

inside top

corner piece for releasing spring mechanism

sides will be glued back in place to support top

reattached bottom

spring will be installed here

hole for '/V dowel will go here

Cut out the inner lid and shoulders from the waste block you removed from the interior of the top chunk.You'll later glue those shoulders back into the cavity to support the lid.

Now make the cavities. First cut out the inside of the top block leaving a 3/s" wall. Enter and exit the block from the same point — preferably at a rounded dovetail hole from the puzzle side of the box. Then take the inside chunk you just cut and slice the top off to make an interior lid for the cavity. Then slice off V^'-thick sides off the inside chunk. You'll glue these back into place in the cavity (use clothes pins for clamps) to support that interior lid. Also cut out a corner of the inside block that's against the rear wall of the cavity. This will eventually be the mechanism for releasing the spring boxes below.

Now turn your attention to the lower cavity. Mark off 3/s"-thick walls on three sides of the lower block. Cut out the drawer and set the wall aside. Cut the drawer block into two pieces (there are two boxes in the lower cavity) and slice off a 1/4"-thick bot-

It's the same drill on the lower boxes. Cut the bottom off the interior. Cut out the walls.Then cut the lid and shoulders from the inside chunk.

tom off each block. Now cut out the inside of each of these boxes (be sure to make the box front on the outer drawer 1" thick and the rear V2" thick—you'll see why later) and set the walls aside. On each inside block, cut out a lid and then cut some strips from the sides that will be used to support the lid.

Glue your boxes together in stages. Don't try to glue the whole thing together at once. You won't be able to keep everything lined up. Glue the spring-loaded boxes together. Then glue up the lower level and upper level separately. Then glue the two layers together. Sand everything.

To make the lower boxes "spring loaded," drill a 1/2" hole (Vs" deep) in the back end of the large box to accommodate a ameter spring (available at most hardware stores). Glue the spring in place. Put the boxes in place and clamp them in the position you would like them to be when


When I cut out these boxes, there is only one band saw blade to use: a '/8"-wide x .025"-thick blade with II to I5 teeth per inch.Also, make sure your blade is 90 degrees to your band saw's table. If it's not, your box will be a disaster.Things that should slide apart will not.

the box is closed. Using your drill press, drill a 1/4" hole through the top cavity and into the front edge of the lower box. Place a V4" dowel in the hole to hold the boxes in place. Remember that corner block you cut out from the top cavity? Drill a 1/4" hole in that piece and glue it to the dowel. Now when you pull this block out, the lower drawer springs out. The second smaller box shakes out of the bottom cavity. Very nice.

Finish everything with clear lacquer. Flock the interior if desired. This box makes a nice gift that is inexpensive and easy to make — once you get your mind wrapped around the way the puzzle box works. PW

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