Popular Woodworking 2000-04 № 114, страница 62

Popular Woodworking 2000-04 № 114, страница 62

"You win the bet. It is a hole saw."

Mark Slotto, from Lakota, North Dakota, is the winner of our Cartoon Contest from the January issue and recipient of the fine set of Quick Grip clamps. The following runners-up each receive a one-year subscription to Popular Woodworking:

"OK hot shot, double or nothing. Router a square hole."

Kelly Wyatt,Wilmington, North Carolina

"That's fantastic! Does it come in a cordless model for ice fishing?" Doug Goebel,Calgary,Alberta

"I knew you couldn't saw a straight line with your eyes closed!" Dan Reeve, Belfast, Maine

I #42

Submit your caption(s) for this issue's cartoon on a postcard to Popular Woodworking, Cartoon Caption #42, 1507 Dana Ave.,Cincinnati,OH 45207 by March 20.Winners will be chosen by the editorial staff.

The winner will receive a selection of Quick Grip clamps from American Tool Co. Inc. Newly redesigned,these one-handed clamps are a must-have tool.Winners will receive five 12" clamps and five 24" clamps.A $170 value!

The runners-up each win a one-year subscription to PopularWoodworking.



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